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Web Design, Document Design, Package Design, Digital Content

Atlanta-based SAGE Planners is a full-service event and travel planning company that, “provides complete service for your special day.” At the time that we were approached for work, this uniquely positioned business was in need of branding inclusive of a logo and website. Since then, we've worked on additional creative needs!

The SAGE Planners branding was produced to invoke feelings of calmness and serenity. While working with the logo, we were able to produce a refined color palette and selection of fonts that effortlessly conveys these emotions. The symbolic mark was then developed using two SAGE leaves with each representing one of the two focus areas of the business: events and travel.

The work in visual branding fed into the website, which was designed using Pixelmator Pro, shared with the client for review using InvisionApp, and developed with Wix using a blank canvas.

Since the launch of the website, we’ve had the great pleasure of providing site maintenance along with:

  • development of a social media kit inclusive of custom designed Canva-based templates,

  • flyer designs for print and digital use; and, 

  • branded package design

As the business has expanded offerings, we’re also actively working on major updates to the website!

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