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The Galbreaths

Web Design

George Galbreath is an Atlanta-based artist and educator with an extensive portfolio of work. Although this work, along with information about himself, was long-shared through his existing website — — the Artist was ready for a refreshed appearance.

Ahead of beginning the design process, George’s goals for an updated website were captured — a site that is: clean, streamlined, and representative of where he is now as an artist. Emphasis on his artwork along with the ability to self-maintain the site were also important.

Drawing inspiration from George’s proficient use of bold colors in the vast majority of his artwork and the concept of an art gallery, ANBD hit the ground running with creating a design using Pixelmator Pro. Upon approval of the design shared via InvisionApp, the site was developed on Wix with specific, requested features: a video playing in the background of the home page; and, the ability to horizontally scroll through artwork within each series.

The final result is a refreshed site that is fully inspired by the Artist. It artfully displays his work and allows visitors to learn more about The Artist and The Art.

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