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Established in late 2015, A.Nicole by Design is a creative service provider that is the outgrowth of a passion for design that sole member, Adrienne Huffman, developed at an early age.  Through the years, she honed her skills and talents even while pursuing school and work in engineering. After showing close friends photos of wedding invitations designed for her sister, Adrienne was hired for the exclusive design of their wedding stationery. This would become the first official work of A.Nicole by Design.

Since then, others have taken notice and have sought Adrienne’s abilities for wedding and party invitations, programs, party favors, websites, and, marketing collateral. With thoughtful care and consideration of each client’s needs, she has been able to craft custom pieces that breathe the essence of what they envision. Now, Adrienne looks to not only help bring the creative vision of others to life through custom work, but through artfully curated pieces.

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